Information Visualizations with Mobile Devices: Three Promising Aspects

Ricardo Langner, Tom Horak, Raimund Dachselt.
In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Data Exploration for Interactive Surfaces (DEXIS 2015). 2015.
ITS '15 Workshop Paper


We believe that mobile devices offer great, only partly realized, potential in the context of both personal and professional information visualization. In this position paper, we outline three important and promising aspects of information visualization with mobile devices: the development of a consistent multi-touch interaction framework that can be applied to a variety of visualization techniques; the combination of common touch input with advanced spatial input techniques; and the usage of the spatial arrangement of multiple, co-located mobile devices. We explore these aspects by highlighting important questions and major challenges. Furthermore, we present several approaches and early concepts which illustrate our ongoing investigations in this field of research.

Follow-up: VisTiles Full Paper at VIS 2017

As a follow-up of this work, we have published the full paper VisTiles: Coordinating and Combining Co-located Mobile Devices for Visual Data Exploration at the IEEE VIS 2017. For more information on this project, see also the project page:

DEXIS Workshop

This work was presented as part of the DEXIS 2015: Visual Data Exploration on Interactive Surfaces Workshop held during the ACM ITS 2015 conference at Madeira.


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