Watch+Strap: Extending Smartwatches with Interactive StrapDisplays

Konstantin Klamka, Tom Horak, Raimund Dachselt.
To appear in: Proceedings of the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, 72:1--72:15, 2020. The first two authors contributed equally.
CHI '20 Conference Paper


While smartwatches are widely adopted these days, their input and output space remains fairly limited by their screen size. We present StrapDisplays—interactive watchbands with embedded display and touch technologies—that enhance commodity watches and extend their input and output capabilities. After introducing the physical design space of these StrapDisplays, we explore how to combine a smartwatch and straps in a synergistic Watch+Strap system. Specifically, we propose multiple interface concepts that consider promising content distributions, interaction techniques, usage types, and display roles. For example, the straps can enrich watch apps, display visualizations, provide glanceable feedback, or help avoiding occlusion issues.

Further, we provide a modular research platform incorporating three StrapDisplay prototypes and a flexible web-based software architecture, demonstrating the feasibility of our approach. Early brainstorming sessions with 15 participants informed our design process, while later interviews with six experts supported our concepts and provided valuable feedback for future developments.


In a hurry? We also have a 30-second preview video.

Blog Post

We will also publish a blog post about Watch+Strap on Medium later.

Source Code & Online Documentation

The source code of the Watch+Strap prototype will be made publicly available on Github soon. An online documentation will be provided soon as well.

Project Page

Detailed information can also be found at our project page:


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