Attended 2018 ACM CHI Conference in Montreal, QC, Canada

Apr 26, 2018

For the first time, I participated in the ACM CHI conference and also presented my first CHI paper.

The When David meets Goliath paper was the result of cooperation with Karthik Badam and Niklas Elmqvist from the University of Maryland. At CHI, Karthik and I gave a shared presentation in the Visualizations Beyond the Desktop session on Tuesday. The highlight was, of course, receiving the Honorable Mention Award for this paper! Further, we also presented a demonstration of our paper on Monday evening.

On Saturday, I also participated in the Data Visualization on Mobile Devices workshop and shared my thoughts on hierarchical graphs. All in all, CHI was a great experience and I’m especially happy to have seen so many known faces again and also to have met a lot of new people.

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