Wrapping up my Research Visit at University of Maryland

Sep 24, 2018

After almost six months, it’s time to wrap up a great stay at UMD, where I worked with Niklas Elmqvist.

Time has passed so quickly; it feels like yesterday that I arrived here in College Park in early April. But the time was definitely well spent, as it involved a ton of brainstorming, discussion, as well as writing—and finally climaxed when submitting to the ACM CHI conference last week. Working closely with Niklas at the HCIL was a great experience on both a professional and a personal level—thanks for everything, Niklas!

All in all, it was awesome to meet so many new people here and experience a pretty different environment than I’m used to. Nevertheless, I’m also looking forward to returning home now and seeing my family, friends, and colleagues again.

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